Region code Areas

The multi-region version plays all REGION A And B Blu-Ray Disc movies on any TV with HDMI input.

A/1North America, Central America, South America, Japan, Taiwan, North Korea, South Korea, Hong Kong, and Southeast Asia.

B/2Europe, Greenland, French territories, Middle East, Africa, Australia, and New Zealand, plus all of Oceania.

C/3India, Bangladesh, Nepal, Mainland China, Pakistan, Russia, Central, and South Asia.

Reviews of the BLU-RAY BD-P1400 Blu-Ray Disc Player (the is no difference in basic specifications for the

Region A version and the Region A and B Multi-region version so all reviews stand for both versions.):

It’s good: Excellent image quality on Blu-ray movies; outstanding soundtrack support with onboard decoding for Dolby TrueHD and DTS-HD High Resolution and bitstream output for Dolby TrueHD and DTS-HD Master Audio; relatively low price compared to other standalone Blu-ray BD-P1400 Blu-Ray Disc Player s; Ethernet port for updating firmware.


My BD-P1400 arrived late yesterday! The firmware was updated last night via internet download and burning a CD. First impressions:

Video – !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Audio – !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

FYI: There is no image or sound quality difference, or any other type of difference, in the USA Region A version of the multi-region Region A and B version of the Blu-ray BD-P1400 Blu-Ray Disc Player.

I have tried a regular DVD and one BRD so far and am very pleased. Load

times are very acceptable. No negatives from me on this unit so far. Will

report more later when I get some of the more seemingly problematic BRDs.

The BD-P1400 has classic Samsung style. The front of the unit is all glossy black, with a thin strip of silver along the bottom.

Got my Samsung BD-P1400 last night and boy was I excited!! Before this review, let me start by saying that this is the first and only Blu-ray BD-P1400 Blu-Ray Disc Player that I have owned and that I may not make some of the comparisons you are looking for. If I don’t, just lemme know! I also want to say that I have NOT upgraded to the latest firmware yet as my modem is not near a TV.


Excellent, duh…… inky blacks, great contrast, detail, everything you expect from Blu

Design: Wonderful looking BD-P1400 Blu-Ray Disc Player , the best yet I think. Face is very open, not cluttered, and the piano gloss finish rocks. Good remote too.

Load Times Wonderful. I have 5 movies so far and they all loaded in approx. 15 seconds. Then there was the new F4 Silver Surfer…. This is a BD+ title from Fox and many have had complaints about its load time. The BD-P1400 Blu-Ray Disc Player gave me no problem, and the multi-region version from Planet Omni will be even more incredible. Let me say again that this is right out of the box, no firmware update yet!

FYI: There is no image or sound quality difference, or any other type of difference, in the USA Region A version of the multi-region Region A and B version of the Blu-ray BD-P1400 Blu-Ray Disc Player.


I have not played with the sound much as I don’t have my Onkyo TX-SR705 yet. I did notice that there is an option to set the speakers from small to large in analog 5.1 out mode. There are other discussions and reports of people getting full DTS-MA bitstream from this BD-P1400 Blu-Ray Disc Player (after firmware upgrade) on other threads and forums. I’m getting very anxious to try this out!


The rest of the stuff is pretty standard. 128x max forward, unit resumes same position in the movie even after powered off, pretty good response times from remote keys, etc.

All in all, this is a dynamite BD-P1400 Blu-Ray Disc Player. With the firmware upgrade, this guy will do just about anything that you can expect from a blu-ray BD-P1400 Blu-Ray Disc Player right now!!

In addition to Blu-ray discs, the Samsung BD-P1400 can play standard-definition DVDs and CDs.

FYI: There is no image or sound quality difference, or any other type of difference, in the USA Region A version of the multi-region Region A and B version of the Blu-ray BD-P1400 Blu-Ray Disc Player.

The BD-PBD-P1400’s high-resolution soundtrack support is excellent. It has onboard decoding for Dolby Digital Plus, Dolby TrueHD, and DTS-HD High Resolution, which means it can output these soundtracks either in PCM format over the HDMI output or via the analog outputs. For newer receivers, the BD-P1400 also offers bitstream output for high-resolution soundtracks. So if you have a newer receiver with onboard Dolby TrueHD and DTS-HD Master Audio decoding, you can set the BD-P1400 to output audio over HDMI in encoded bitstream format–letting your receiver do the decoding, rather than the BD-P1400 Blu-Ray Disc Player.

There should be absolutely no sound quality difference whether you let the receiver decode or the BD-P1400 Blu-Ray Disc Player decode, but some AV fans just love seeing the “Dolby TrueHD” light on their new receiver. If you need a Code free Converting DVD Disc Player for $79.95 Planet Omni also has that and they come with 2 warranties. So far, I am really happy with this purchase. I was not sure I made the right deal because of the negative reviews I read but bought it anyway.

I really don’t know why people get upset when it only takes two minutes to get ready to play. I have used it several times with Blu-Ray disks rented from Netflix with no problems. I am still waiting for the eight free movies.

Connectivity is also solid. There’s an HDMI output capable of carrying both 1080p video signals and high-resolution audio.

For high-def analog video, there’s a component video output (limited to 1080i), and there’s an S-Video output and a composite output for standard-def output. (As with all DVD BD-P1400 Blu-Ray Disc Player s, there is no DVD upscaling available via component video). On the audio side, there’s the aforementioned HDMI output, along with 5.1-channel analog outputs, both optical and coaxial digital audio outputs, and stereo analog outputs.

Rounding out the connectivity is an Ethernet port, which enables you to upgrade the firmware from the Internet–a feature that’s been common to HD DVD Players, but very rare among Blu-ray BD-P1400 Blu-Ray Disc Players.

FYI: There is no image or sound quality difference, or any other type of difference, in the USA Region A version of the multi-region Region A and B version of the Blu-ray BD-P1400 Blu-Ray Disc Player.

The BD-P1400 did a good job of rendering the opening sequence of Star Trek: Insurrection, demonstrating its 2:3 pull-down prowess. Next up was Seabiscuit, and the BD-P1400 did a solid job with the difficult introduction, with few to no jaggies on the black and white photos.


Just a quick update on the Samy BD-P1400. I have rented some BR’s from Netflix and have really been enjoying the BD-P1400 – how about you? All the techno mumbo jumbo aside, as far as I’m concerned this is a great BD-P1400 Blu-Ray Disc Player.

I hope that the head dudes in charge of this forum will make a sticky for the Samsung BD-P1400 – hint – hint! watching home movies here…not saving lives.

The Samsung is a REALLY good unit for the price. The multi-region version is just $849.95 from Planet Omni and considering they use a double motherboard specially imported which must cost a fortune plus the intensive labor it’s a real great bargain, IMHO.

I was able to plug my unit directly into my modem with a network cable (as per Samsungs directions in the user manual) and the BD-P1400 Blu-Ray Disc Player found it’s new firmware and loaded it up without the need for me to get on the computer, burn disks…etc. Very cool.

The Samsung has a great image and with the current update I can listen to DTS-HD Master Audio (Sony can’t say that for twice the price!).

With the pace at which the technology is moving I think it is very difficult for a manufacturer to manufacture these units, get them to market and have them totally “current” with the new disk technology, (which is changing daily), but Samsung has provided me with a unit that I can just plug into my modem and get an update when they have it available. I think that is AMAZING.

A little patience and understanding can go a long way. After all…it wasn’t that long ago that when you bought an electronic component, you couldn’t update it at all. I am sure Samsung will come through with an update soon. I have not run into any disks I could not play as of yet.

Having never seen a 1200 in action, I can’t help you – but the BD-P1400 PQ is excellent, but that’s what Blu is all about – right?

I have tried several BD’s from Netflix as well as a few standard def DVD’s. All were great. As far as the handshake issue, I’m not really sure what that is…. and for the off, then play thing… why would you want to do that in a movie anyways?

Great BD-P1400 Blu-Ray Disc Player, I couldn’t be more happy I got the new BD-P1400 last week. returned the 1200 to get it. (plus 100 price difference in my favor. PROS= the pic quality is by far the best I’ve seen, even better then the panny I had.

Controls are easy and setup just the same. I don’t like it loses the signal at the beginning of the discs.

AUDIO= I am not able to use all the audio features due to my ONKYO being a few years old. I have it setup with a digital optical cable, the sound is really excellent except for the POPS I get every now and then.

As for the BD discs, POTC about 2 minutes, have had no problem, and the multi-region version from Planet Omni will be even more incredible, with any other BD movies. I did notice that after I hit pause and went to hit play, the movie would play for a minute and then stop. I had to hit play again. No big deal.

Used the Ethernet port to download new firmware, can’t tell the difference though. I am sorry I am not that technical but this is my blue collar review. any??????s I will answer the best I can

Just finished watching Casino Royale – spectacular!

I have a PlayStation 3 that has awesome picture quality for both Blu-Ray and upscaling of Standard DVD’s since a software upgrade. We use this for our main HD TV in the family room. I needed another BD-P1400 Blu-Ray Disc Player for a second HD TV we just had hung in our bedroom.

I waited for the BD-P1400 to become available since I already committed to the Blu-Ray format and wanted the latest technology available. I cannot say enough about the sound quality that this BD-P1400 Blu-Ray Disc Player offers, it is unbelievable. The picture quality is excellent and on par with the PlayStation 3. I am seriously considering purchasing a second BD-P1400 for our main set because of the outstanding sound. Great BD-P1400 Blu-Ray Disc Player especially for the money.

By far the best Blu-ray I ever tested. Never watch cartoons but now I’m spending a lot of time watching with my kids.

This is a great Blue Ray BD-P1400 Blu-Ray Disc Player. DTS HD MA bitstream finally. I have owned this product for about two months and am thrilled with it; it is really a good deal. I only use my Blu Ray BD-P1400 Blu-Ray Disc Player to play Blu Ray movies, since the sound is piped into a Samsung 5-disc receiver. The picture quality is amazing. I own four Blu Ray discs (which I purchased on Amazon at $14.99 each) and they all play beautifully, with no problem, and the multi-region version from Planet Omni will be even more incredible, and a crystal clear picture.

I bought this BD-P1400 Blu-Ray Disc Player in December. I hooked it up with an HDMI cable to a Sony Receiver. The Cable Box from Comcast is also hooked up to the receiver. The receiver is connected to a 42 inch Panasonic 1080P Plasma. Three HDMI cables, that is it.

It has worked flawlessly from the beginning with every Blu-Ray disc we have tried. We get about one a week from Netflix. I can play Pirates of the Caribbean 3. Not sure why the other reviewer could not.

The picture quality is stunning with Planet Earth. I guess I can credit the Panasonic TV mostly for that.

I did the version 1.2 firmware upgrade in December. I just did the version 1.5 firmware upgrade yesterday Feb 5th. I downloaded both and created the ISO CD.

To me it works fast. So you have to wait a few seconds for it to boot up, so what? Go get the DVD while you are waiting.

Most computers nowadays take minutes to boot. I imagine it will never get better, likely probably worse over time since these are in essence computers, and the more technology advances the slower these machines are to turn on and load up.

After doing the firmware upgrade, I checked my settings and noticed they had been reset. If you have a digital receiver, you should make sure that the audio is set to ‘bit rate’ and not PCM if you want surround sound.

I also had no problem, and the multi-region version from Planet Omni will be even more incredible, playing regular DVDs or CDs either. So when it becomes obsolete, it will replace my other DVD BD-P1400 Blu-Ray Disc Player and improve the quality of the regular DVDs with my other older 720P Samsung set.

I don’t think anyone should delay buying because of the format war. The minute you buy anything nowadays, it becomes obsolete and is eventually a throw away. So you at least enjoy it while you can, life is too short. At the prices today what the heck, it is cheap, buy now before the dollar becomes worthless! You can get an entire home theatre 1080P HDMI based system with speakers for less than $[…] right now. Thank you China! I got my HDMI cables from Planet Omni, $19.95 for 2 meter length, superb images and sound!

Before I hooked this up, I updated the firmware via the Ethernet port. Once that was done I have had no problem, and the multi-region version from Planet Omni will be even more incredible, with the BD-P1400 Blu-Ray Disc Player at all. I debated whether or not to buy this due to some negative reviews, but the deal was just too good to pass up for a stand alone. Those of you that have had problems with this BD-P1400 Blu-Ray Disc Player have every right to complain about them here, that’s what these reviews are for.

However, the people complaining it isn’t 1.1 or 2.0 (no BD-P1400 Blu-Ray Disc Player is 2.0 yet) should stop. Nowhere in the description does it say this BD-P1400 Blu-Ray Disc Player is supposed to be 1.1. If you want to inform people there are updates coming and this BD-P1400 Blu-Ray Disc Player will not be able to benefit, go ahead, but to say it is horrible and obsolete because of it being 1.0 is misleading. I have a feeling most people want to just watch the movie and would rarely use the features of 1.1 (like picture in picture commentary).

If that’s you, this BD-P1400 Blu-Ray Disc Player is perfect. If you need a 1.1 BD-P1400 Blu-Ray Disc Player, get the panasonic. For me this one will work fine for the next couple of years while Blu-ray gets its act together and finalizes an emerging product. I hope those of you that have had problems were able to get them resolved and can now enjoy the BD-P1400 Blu-Ray Disc Player as I do.

I have had no problem, and the multi-region version from Planet Omni will be even more incredible with the Samsung BD-PBD-P1400. I just plugged it in, connected it to the internet and started the firmware upgrade utility. After about 20 minutes, the firmware upgrade was successful and I played my first movie without a glitch. Every movie I’ve played since has also played flawlessly. You can also upgrade the firmware by burning a CD or if you don’t have internet, Samsung will send it to you.

This product works just fine on blu-ray disks, also on non-European format DVDs, and on music CD-ROMs. I have found no problem, and the multi-region version from Planet Omni will be even more incredible with it. It even does a superior job of showing plain DVDs on my 40″ TV, where my previous DVD BD-P1400 Blu-Ray Disc Player only would take up part of the screen.

One clever and undocumented touch is that it seeks out the right TV input choice once a disk is inserted. It may help that the TV is also a Samsung.

I got this on Nov.30, 2007, and unlike what other reviewers have said, the BD-P1400 does start back where you stopped. Everything else looks and works great.

I’m editing this review on March 13, 2008, to reflect my experience with the machine. It appears to me that whether a DVD will start back where it stopped depends on how the DVD was manufactured, NOT on the BD-P1400 Blu-Ray Disc Player . Some DVDs, such as “LOST, Season 3”, don’t even have chapter/scene makers on them, much less the ability to restart after a stop.

Some DVDs, such as “3:10 to Yuma”, actually have their own system for marking where you stop or where you may want to go back to, but otherwise require a restart from scratch. But some DVDs do restart where stopped.

My chief complaint with Blu-Ray (not necessarily with this BD-P1400 Blu-Ray Disc Player in particular) is that it takes FOREVER for a DVD to start up, then if you do have a DVD that won’t restart from where it stopped, you have to go through the painfully long start-up again.

I’ve learned to NEVER PAUSE a DVD, which causes it to shut down the BD-P1400 Blu-Ray Disc Player after a few minutes. Instead, I keep it going at 1/8 speed, then when I come back, I can easily back up to where I was — a lot faster than a restart.

If there is a better BR BD-P1400 Blu-Ray Disc Player anywhere near this price range, I haven’t heard of it. Now that HD DVD has died, I hope that DVD makers will focus their attention on making BR DVDs work more easily and FASTER.

This is a great player. The only issue is the firmware upgrade. I used CD-R/RW burning method…easiest and fastest. Burn *.iso image using nero burning rom software. The instructions are in […]/support. I have both HD-DVD and blu-ray. so far blu-ray is better. HD looks like upconverted DVD. Read the instructions carefully i.e. the new Blu-ray “Live Free Die Hard” contains a note letting you know the software upgrade may be needed.

Lastly, remember this is HDMI 1.3 compatible…so in order to use 1.3 capabilities, you need a cable and TV which is HDMI 1.3 compatible also….the picture is great. Buy this BD-P1400 Blu-Ray Disc Player and upgrade the software right away.

I have read and continue to see many complaints about different blu-ray and hd-dvd BD-P1400 Blu-Ray Disc Player s not working like people hoped. I can say that with this model I have had absolutely zero issues.

I am sure some people will write that it doesn’t load this or doesn’t do that, but it hasn’t affected me. I have not found a single disc that has not played perfectly. What people have to remember is that in this day and age everything is like a computer, you may have to update, it is part of life now, get over it.

Will the manufacturers eventually get this flawless, probably so but in the mean time I will be enjoying my movies now. If you are an early adopter like I am on technology then any issues you might run into will be no big deal. The BD-P1400 Blu-Ray Disc Player is easy to setup, easy to play and loads reasonably fast. Glad I bought it and already thinking about a second one for different room.

Complete satisfaction with this product. Greatly enhances my regular dvd’s. I was really surprised about this claim, but the Samsung does as advertised. The blu-ray disc audio is very good. Can’t wait until hooking this up with my new surround system.

This product is money well spent for the viewing pleasure it gives. I highly recommend this product.

For its price this is a steal. The audio and video quality here is great, the quality and selection of Blu-ray is top notch and you can be fairly confident you’ll be getting blu-ray format movies made for you for years to come. One of the better options for a dedicated BD-P1400 Blu-Ray Disc Player if you’re not interested in the PS3.

Before deciding to purchase my Samsung BD-P1400 I studied many of these customer reviews and they were very useful. I also read a dedicated AV Science forum online concerning this model BD-P1400 Blu-Ray Disc Player. First, all of the information and customer reviews highlight the endemic problem that implementation of newer Blu-Ray standards is occurring gradually. Moreover, features are evolving, meaning that we are all taking some chances when we purchase any Blu-Ray BD-P1400 Blu-Ray Disc Player (that is not a PS3).

I personally have no interest whatsoever in owning a game console. Second, many of these reviews describe in conscientious detail the kinds of problems that people are having, as well as whether and how the problems have been overcome. This review adds data to that second category – practical problems.

When my BD-P1400 Blu-Ray Disc Player arrived the very first thing I did was install the latest firmware downloaded from the Samsung web site. I suggest the method that uses a cd rather than a direct network connection; in either case the manuals and web site offer complete directions. Be sure to *confirm that the update was successful* by restarting the BD-P1400 Blu-Ray Disc Player , re-inserting the firmware cd, and comparing the disk version to the installed version.

What problems have I had? In a month of watching Netflix discs I have had not one single hiccup, not a single blue screen, no refusals to play any of the BDs or SD-DVDs that others have had problems with – I have had *nothing but perfect performance*! True, some of the other criticisms like slower controls are inherent to the technology. But my BD-P1400 Blu-Ray Disc Player has been flawless and my expectations have been significantly exceeded. Without hesitation, I give my BD-P1400 Blu-Ray Disc Player five stars.

Pros: My favorite feature, by far, is the 24 frame per second output mode. Movies display exactly as they were intended – be that good or bad – and ‘judder’ in slowly-panned scenes is significantly improved compared to 30 FPS. This alone, in my opinion, warrants the relatively modest price tag. [In direct comparisons using my 50″ plasma TV, the video quality of movies from the BD-P1400 at 24 FPS is clearly superior to the same discs when played through advanced computer video cards that cost the same!] I also like the features and layout of the remote control, which doubles up to control my Samsung TV. Yes, these are basic features within the realm of Blu-Ray, but they have been very capably implemented.

Cons: My only nit-pick is that I would like a set-up feature that allowed the audio and video outputs to be delayed relative to each other by a selectable increment. This would allow perfect lip-sync when using older (i.e. slower) audio decoders/receivers that are not HDMI 1.3 compliant. However, to my knowledge this feature is not offered on *any* new Blu-ray BD-P1400 Blu-Ray Disc Player , since the HDMI 1.3 standard incorporates an automatic synchronization feature if all the components are HDMI 1.3 compatible.

Maybe I’ve been lucky, but I have not had a single ‘playability’ issue using the latest build of the latest firmware. Based on this – 5 stars.

Let’s hope that Samsung will support this model well into the future by further optimizing the operating firmware, as needed.

In brief: Outstanding picture quality—my wife and I say, even for stills, “Polaroid picture!”, breathtaking.

The unit has all the requisite connections. I play it through a Yamaha av-tuner with 7.1 channels, via HDMI, but other connections are available.

There is a simple blue-ringed on-off button, and a tray open-close button; that’s it on on-board controls. The remote has several levels of sophistication: It is easy to find and use the power, pause-play-rewind-fast/slow controls, those you will use 99% of the time. The remote also provides movie menu controls (e.g., language), player menu controls, and options for controlling other devices—learn to use them only if/when you need them. There was absolutely no setting up to do—plug and play! Great neuro-ergonomics, i.e., intuitive ease of use.

In over three weeks of regular usage, we have noted some glitches, but it’s not clear if it is the player itself or the emerging technology. Several times, the unit went into “Stop” mode as if the button had been pushed; I had to hit “Play” to get the movie started again. Mildly distracting.

What would I also like? Perhaps controls for the av amplifier as well, although that unit has all the buttons needed for TV, player, and amp. Maybe better backlighting on all buttons. This is one heck of a deal, recommended to anyone wanting to get into blu-ray.

Good BluRay DVD. Easy to use. High definition DVD’s look great but regular DVD’s look better too.

No problems found yet.

the Samsung 1400 is significantly superior to the Toshiba HD-A3. The BD-P1400 supports not only TrueHD, but DTS-HD MA bitstream output over HDMI. The A3 can only extract the DTS ‘core’ and cannot send bitstream DTS-HD MA out. Only the HD-A35 and the XA2 can do that, but both are significantly costlier than this player. The BD-P1400 can also output full 1080p/24 video, while the A3 can only send out 1080i and does not support 24fps output.

Both are slow to load up, but the A3 is significantly slower, taking almost 2 full minutes to warm up the player and display video on your monitor/screen. The PS3 takes less than 30 seconds btw. The A3 is also very noisy, distractingly so especially because it is a high pitched noise that is hard to ignore.

Overall, the BD-P1400 is a high functioning blu-ray stand alone player, that supports lossless audio output (PCM, TrueHD, and DTS-HD MA) and 1080p/24. I would still recommend a four hundred dollar PS3 over the BD-P1400, but if you really want a standalone player, you can’t go wrong with the BD-P1400.

I don’t actually own this player, but I have a friend who bought one and he loves it.

This is a excellent blu ray and I am very happy with my purchase, I recommend this player to everyone and the price is great.

It did NOT disappoint in the slightest. I have not had any problems playing any DVD Blu-ray or not. I have not had to download any firm-ware to solve ANY issues. The BD-P1400 worked straight out of the box. The only thing that comes close to a con is that it’s slow on start-up and loading.

I am very satisfied with this player and I’m happy. All I can report is that mine works perfectly so far, and I have recommended it to many of my friends when asked for an opinion.

Works wonderfully with my new Samsung plasma… Haven’t experienced any issues expressed by other reviewers. Connected with an HDMI to TV and optical audio to Home Theater… Breathtaking PQ and sound.

This Blu-Ray player is first-class. Easy setup. This is my first Hi-Def player, and I am very happy with my purchase. I did the latest firmware update per the instructions in the manual, and it has functioned flawlessly. The player has a modern, slick, glossy appearance. The sounds are incredible, and the images are too beautiful to be described. Very easy to install and use. I never knew the difference that a Blu-ray player can make in the movie watching experience. I am not an expert, just a regular mom that purchased the blu-ray player for family viewing.

I have had this player for about a month now…After updating the firmware, it has been flawless. Amazing picture, quiet unit, looks great in the entertainment rack along with my HD DVD player.

The upconversion is wonderful! Best part is I can use optical and take advantage of the new audio codecs.

I give this player 5 stars!

Not a single problem. I even have it in a tight spot with 2″ clearance above top and open back with No overheating problems. None of my movies have locked up or have been unable to play. I have tried Live Free or Die Hard, all the Harry Potters, Planet Earth and others. Firmware 1.5 arrived on Jan 24th and it has seemed to fix all the problems others were having. I would definitely recommend this player to others.

I have a PS3 and a Sony 300 S Blu-ray player, and they are both excellent blu-ray players. However, I love my new Samsung 1400 BD it can decode DTS HD sound, and it makes for a wonderful movie watching experience. The first thing a new owner should do is go to and download the latest firmware update (it is a fast simple process). There are also instructions on the owner’s manual that explains how to update the player. I have watched the latest Blu-ray releases from Fox, Disney, Sony, etc. and the picture/sound quality is outstanding. Very pleased with the product.