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Electronic Display Board Tender Update

Further to the meeting we held on the 26th of August 2015, where you witnessed the official opening of the tender documents for the supply and installation of the Zimbabwe Stock Exchange “ZSE” electronic price display boards; the following companies had submitted their proposals and bids:

  1. Wavetech Technologies represented by Frampol
  2. Aura Group
  3. Afriscend
  4. Scan Natural Hardware
  5. BMC

Evaluations were done and additional information was sought from the vendors where clarity was required. All the bids were competitive and the selection process was sufficiently robust to provide the best result. Out of the five (5) proposals that we received for evaluation and consideration, we shortlisted the following three (3) companies for further discussions until we are left with one:

  1. Aura Group Zimbabwe
  2. Wavetech Technologies
  3. BMC

We would like to express our sincere gratitude to all the vendors for showing interest in partnering with us in our projects. We wish you the best in your endeavours and we hope to engage you in other projects in the future.

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Yours faithfully.

Board of Directors

Eve C. Gadzikwa – Board Chairperson
Qualifications: MBA (NTU UK), FIMLS (UK), Graduate Diploma Marketing Management (SA)


Peter Shoniwa – Board Member
Qualifications: Fellow of the Insurance Institute of South Africa (FIISA), Chartered Insurer
Peter is the Employee Benefits Executive.


Vimbai Nyemba – Board Member
Tsitsi Mbabvu – Board Member
Benson Gasura – Board Member
Naboth Machemedze – Board Member
Mary Takavarasha – Board Member